Schooner "Bluenose"

"Bluenose" was launched in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1921 and was built as a fishing boat to operate in the rough waters off the coast of Newfoundland. Very soon her remarkable speed became apparent and she won all the great classic sailing races off the American East Coast and into the shipping and yachting history books. Her fame became widespread and she featured on the back of coins and postage stamps.

Her glorious career ended in 1946 when she foundered on a reef near Haiti, but her memory was long lived. So much so that in 1964 sufficient money was raised to build a replica of her "Bluenose II". Since her launch she has become a very fine and vivid symbol of bygone days.

Some twenty five years were to elapse before I built another model boat. This was a model of the famous Canadian fishing Schooner "Bluenose" which became a very successful racing yacht. It was built from a Billing kit and was of the plank on frame construction.

It was not difficult to build but required a considerable amount of patience.

It still graces my living room today and has yet to suffer any collision damage.

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