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Coach Stock

Graham Farish G.W.R. 57ft Mainline coaches and brake vans with modified roofs by Ultima Models
  G.W.R. Suburban coaches and brake van
Ultima Models G.W.R. 57ft Top Light Coaches 1st class and composite
  G.W.R. 57ft Top Light Brake Vans
  G.W.R. 57ft Top Light Restaurant Cars
  G.W.R. 70ft Top Light Coaches 1st Class and composite
  G.W.R. 70ft Top Light Brake Vans
  G.W.R. 50ft Siphon J etched brass kits
  G.W.R. 50ft Siphon H etched brass kits
Langley Miniature Models G.W.R 57ft Slip coaches. Etched brass kits
Goods Wagons Numerous G.W.R. and private owners wagons. Mostly Farish and Minitrix

I would like to build a rake of 'Ocean Mails' coaches and a Royal Mail T.P.O. There is and excellent range of the latter produced in etched brass by Ultima Models. To date nobody produces the transfers in Great Western black and gold Sans Seriph lettering and I see little point in making them if they cannot be finished. A rake of 15 coaches of 57ft and 70ft stock can be handled with a Castle and Star double headed. The prototype over all length would be 1,088 feet and in 2mm scale equates to approx. 7ft 1 1/2" and looks quite impressive.