Welcome to the website of John Cook

John lives in the Solent region of Hampshire in England.Having served in the Royal Navy until 1967 he moved with his family to Worcestershire where he worked until retirement.

His main passion is sailing and although having moved away from the sea, continued this hobby by sailing a Wayfarer dinghy on the River Avon at Wyre Mill Club in the Vale of Evesham with his daughter.

Later he was to become a partner in a Roberts 43 'Cornish Kestrel', sailing out of Brighton marina. Cornish Kestrel was sold in 1990 and he sailed her to Helsinki with her new owners.

John moved back down to Hampshire in 1995 and the search was on for a suitable yacht to sail in the Solent again.

In 1998 John was to be offered three boats in need of restoration. The first boat, a Seamew, required excessive restoration and was given to a shipwright for further work. The second, a Westerly 22 'Windrush', has been extensively restored by John, his daughter Julie and Son-in-law Richard and is now moored in Portsmouth Harbour. The third, a Caravel 'Wina II' is the current restoration project to be documented in the following pages.

When unable to work on the boats, John is actively involved in building models and has built an accurate scale replica of I.K. Brunel's Box station in Wiltshire on the GWR's main line from Paddington to Bristol. He also builds scale model boats and ships.

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